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How to Order Hair Extensions

Steps to ordering from the Goddess Hair Extensions Range


To assure all our customers have a good experience ordering from the Goddess Hair Extensions range, we have outlined a few necessary steps so that navigationally there is no confusion.


1) Homepage - Scroll down past the initial content regarding our range and you will see our featured products. howtoorderhairextensionsonline.jpgClick on the Product Name, Image or Add to Cart. This will bring you to the Product Description and Variation. Choose the colour that most resembles your current hair colour and a colour swatch will appear in the Product Image Section. The colours appearing in this drop down represent what we have available in stock for that particular colour. You may also visit the link to the Hair Colour Chart to view an enlarged view of the full range of colours available at Goddess Hair Extensions. Do not fret if your colour is not showing as available, we may have what you are after in another length. Our clip in hair extensions have been grouped into 2 categories. Clip In Hair Extensions and Single Human Hair Pieces. Feel free to peruse our product line by limiting the search via your specified needs. Our Clip In Hair Extensions category contains all of our full head hair extension sets ranging in lengths 16", 18", 20", 22" and 25". We also have curly clip in hair extension sets in the 20". The single human hair extensions contain our 2 sizes available in the TCP - (Triple Layered Crown Piece), Our Top Hair Piece as well as our clip in fringes which are available in the blunt cut as well as in the longer sweeping fringe.

2) Another way to see our product range is by selecting from the side navigation which categorises our hair extensions Clip In Hair Extensions or Permanent Hair Extensions. We also offer a range of professional hair extension tools and supplies to speed up the application of the clip in range as well as secure an accurate and comfortable site for attachment.

buyhairextensionsonline.jpg3) Click on the Graphic Images where it says BUY NOW to enter the hair extension category of your choice, read more information on the product range, colours available and purchase for quick express delivery.

Orders that are paid via bank deposit/transfer please remember to send an email letting us know that it has been done, and or send an image of receipt for minimal delay. 

Considerations: Your hair colour, how you usually wear it and its current texture, and sheen. Is it coloured or is the shade you wish to match, your natural root colour? Do you have highlights and do you wish to accentuate this fact or tame them slightly? Length required and what you are starting with.... any questions in this regard please talk to our customer service team. We may have a solution that suits your needs. Generally speaking you want to choose the shorter clip in hair extensions - such as the 14 inch if you have shorter hair as it won't be such a drastic, unbecoming blend. Do realise if you are happy to take your clip ins to your hair stylist, they may guide you in selecting a longer length clip in of which can be placed into your hair and cut to style for you. Ie) layered hair most likely will need some assistance in this manner, but will be well worth it in comfort and for your own discretionary desires.