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How to Apply the Top Hair Piece

How to Apply the Top Hair Piece in 5 Easy Steps:


The top piece by Goddess Hair was designed for women who have thinning occurring on the top area of their scalp. This may be due to medical reasons, over processing or genetics. Regular clip ins require a certain amount of hair to be present within the area of application so that they may receive undetectable clip in coverage. The top piece is a single hair piece with 5 clips attached to a circular shaped "toupee".

Required: Sectional Comb and Clip

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Step 1: Style your hair as usual, parting it in the desired /natural fall

Step 2: Also go ahead and comb, iron, tease and style the top piece as you would your own hair so that it is ready for application

Step 3: Take the sectional comb and pull forward roughly half an inch of the front section hair line

 Step 4: Make sure the top piece is facing the correct way forward where the parting occurs

Step 5: The front two clips will be your guide and you are to clip them in place first followed by the middle 2 clips and ending with the final clip in the back.