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How to Apply the Clip in Fringe

How to Apply the Clip In Fringe in 5 Easy Steps

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You may start the application process by either putting your hair back in a pony tail or you may divide the hair from the top of your head down past the ears. This really depends on your hair style and how you wish to wear the fringe.

Starting Point:


Simply snap the back clip in place, after positioning the fringe to the desired length.



Some women prefer their fringe to occupy the whole forehead, whilst others may like to wear it further back so its shorter. The back clip has a few strands of hair that may seem like they are not aligned with the fringe. This is not a design fault. It is actually part of the overall design of the fringe. We have these strands present to aid in the discreet coverage of our fringe. It is up to you whether you wish to brush it back to blend with your own hair or to brush forward to include within the fringe.


Our fringe can be worn any number of ways. You may prefer a side sweep, or to wear traditionally straight across the forehead. Snap the 2 front clips in place and you are ready to hit the town.


You may play around with the fringe a few times to figure out what works best for you. Some women may opt to take it to their hair dresser to have it chipped in as it may be too blunt in the front. It is all a matter of preference, based on your style and existing hair / forehead length.





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