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How to Apply The TCP Hair Piece

How to Apply the Triple Layer Crown Hair Piece in 5 Easy Steps:

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Step 1  - Identify the crown area of your head – this is approx 1 inch above your upper ear. Your temple is a good guide to go off. The part will be a straight line all the way from your temples to the back. Use a sectional comb to make this easier and more accurate a hair part. Pull the top hair from away from the part with your sectional clip or with a hair tie. It is helpful to have a mirror to see the back portion of this part. 




Step 2 - Take the TCP and open all 3 clips ready to snap into place. Place the middle clip on the middle back crown area and snap into place. There will be even amounts of hair for either side.  



Step 3- Follow up with each side, clipping the one on the left into place and then the one on the right side of your section/crown area, as there are 3 clips in total. 



Step 4 - Taking your own hair from the top that has been sectioned for the application of the triple layer crown piece and comb/pull it up ready to tease. You do not necessarily have to tease this section, but it helps in the blending process to assure undetectable coverage.




Step 5 - 
Brush your hair over the top of the Triple Layer Crown Piece and it shall blend in nic
ely as shown below.