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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions by Goddess

When you look online considering to buy hair extensions you may need to spend some time researching just what you are receiving. The price variations are to some degree an indicator of the quality you can expect. EVERYONE claims to have the highest grade remy hair. Thick, healthy, tangle free. Our hair is well known for its longevity, sheen and our exquisite blend gives you the quality you want at an affordable price. Value. 

Established in 2006, Goddess Hair Extensions Australia provide hair extensions locally and internationally.


At Goddess™ Hair our Permanent and Clip In Hair Extension range has been created so that anyone can afford to add length, volume, texture and/or highlights to their natural hair with 100% human hair extensions. Our human hair extensions are of a deluxe European Remy Blend. Our clip in hair pieces can be placed into the hair and removed in a matter of minutes. The best part is they are virtually undetectable so no-one will know any different to these being your real hair! We are also proud to now feature a deluxe permanent hair extension range to our inventory as well as accessories designed to help maintain your Goddess hair extensions.


Human hair extensions have the versatility to be heat styled


Nothing beats their versatility. Human hair, unlike synthetic hair can be straightened with a flat iron, curled with heat or chemically treated by your trusted stylist. Thin and fine hair becomes fuller and thicker. Short hair transforms into long, luxurious, goddess inspired hair! Featured in Media for Fashion and Editorial Shoots, our hair extensions are well known for their reputable quality and sheen.


The origins of the human hair in our extension sets come from Asian, European, or Russian individuals. In these countries, women choose to grow their hair long; sell it to ethical hair merchants where the hair goes through a series of chemical sterilization, neutralization and colorization process to ensure product safety and hygiene. We guarantee that our Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions are 100% natural human hair.

Because we here at Goddess Hair have done the research and shopping for you; you can buy with confidence that we have created the most natural, highest quality and longest lasting human hair extension product on the market!


Our Hair Extensions and their Quality

Believe us when we tell you we have tried and evaluated all kinds of clip in / clip on hair extension products from natural to synthetics. We have also done an analysis of the permanent range offered by a number of our competitors. For us 100% Remy-grade human hair extensions are by far the obvious choice and for the fastidious buyer with a sharp eye for perfection. Their quality and versatility cannot go unnoticed. Remy-grade hair is real human hair, once cut it is attached to our special clip with the hair in it's natural cuticle direction. Once placed correctly on the head, fine hair becomes fuller and thicker, short hair transforms into long, luxurious hair. Goddess Clip-In Hair Extensions guarantees the hair sold in it's extension package is 100% real human hair and of the highest quality.

The Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions

More Value For Money- More Hair! Standard extension packages include a single row of hair on each extension piece. Our Packages include not one but two! Receive a double row of hair on each extension piece - this allows for thicker, long lasting hair pieces that won't thin out as fast as the single row extension packages found on the market.