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Hair Extensions Australia

At Goddess™ Hair Extensions Australia our Permanent and Clip In Hair Extension range has been created to surpass the quality of basic clip in hair sets granting longevity, durability and sheen. From the onset Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions launched their Orginal Clip In Set with an exclusive double weft design - which means all hair pieces have two rows of hair per weft granting an unbeatable thick coverage of our signature European Blend Remy Human Hair. Our premium range "The Black Label" takes the quality even higher offering a double drawn remy and bonus extras such as a comb, clips and a classy gift box - perfect for gifting to friends and family. Our express post means that you receive your order in 1-2 days across Australia.  

Our care instructions will educate you on how to best maintain all products from our clip in range as well as hair extensions from our permanents range. There are certain hair care products that are specifically formulated for hair extensions. We believe we have found a range highly suitable to accompany our product and urge you to check out the various shampoos, conditioners and styling products available for purchase on our site. Specifically with regards to the tape weft permanent hair extensions, it is pertinent that an organic formula is used, so as not to break down the adhesive structure of our tape weft. This will be true of all tape weft hair extensions on the market. Our Everesence range delivers that peace of mind, in the maintenance and longevity of your Goddess Hair Extensions.