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Hair Application & Care

How to Apply Goddess Full Head Extension Set in 5 Easy Steps:

How to put in my human hair extensions guide.Step 1 -  Preplan Placement of the extensions to your head

As there are six different widths in a set, use the placement guide which shows which extension to apply to each section. This is a set up plan which you do not have to follow exactly. You may prefer to put the 2 x 8 inch width clip in hair extension pieces up top first after the smaller side pieces and follow down with the 6 inch width pieces. Much of it depends on the size of your head - and hello we are not talking about egos or IQs (genetically we know you are all very smart - least those who have gotten to this section of the website to voluntarily understand the application of the clip in hair extension... Physically we are all made up of varying sized heads thus you will note with a little experimentation what works better for you. This is merely a guide for the application of our full head clip in hair extension set. 


Step 2 - Wash, Dry, Straighten your hair with a Straightener if necessary


Application of Clip In Hair Extensions should always have you first style your hair or straighten it as best you can. The overall look will be so much better if you start out with your hair styled as you wish to wear it out. If you have just rolled out of bed and there are kinks etc in your hair than you can be pretty damn sure that it would be obvious you were wearing hair extensions. This is really just common sense. If you have bought the straight hair extensions, then wash, blowdry and straighten accordingly so that your hair is all ready for the clip in hair extensions to be placed into your existing hair.

Step 3 - Start at the Bottom

Divide your hair with a comb in a straight line across your scalp to expose the section that you want to apply the extension to starting with a 6 inch piece at the bottom and working your way up. Clip you real hair up so it is out of the way. 


Prepare the Section. Tease the bottom of the exposed section of your hair with the comb and a light spray of hairspray. Unclip the hair extension and clip to the teased hair. Start with the middle clip directly in the middle of the section and then finish by clipping each side clip 




Step 4 - Move your way up the scalp securing the clips firmly without sags

Note: The extensions should be clipped across the section following the natural curve of your scalp and should be firm - not sagging between the clips.





Step 5 - Repeat Creating Straight Divisions Further Up and Placing Each Piece as Instructed 

Unclip your hair from above and lightly comb down to prepare for the next piece. Move round to the side application site above the ears and apply to either side.