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Frequently Asked Questions

Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions and Permanent Hair Extensions Range.

Please don't hesitate to call or email us with any question you cannot find addressed within our website. Our friendly hair extension specialists will do our very best to equip you with the information you require.

Are all the extensions within the Goddess range made with human hair? Where is it sourced from?faq01.jpg

Goddess Hair Extensions Australia, aka Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions, has been in business since 2006 and we have always used 100% real human hair. We take pride in sourcing the industries best human hair for our extension products both in the clip in hair range as well as our permanent hair extensions. 100% remy grade human hair featured in the Goddess range are of a European Blend which allows you to gain the best of both worlds - the strength and durability of Asian hair alongside the sheen, lustre and longevity that comes with the inclusion of european hair.

I am scared people will notice that I am wearing extensions. How can I be sure that your clip in hair extensions are undetectable?

It is very unlikely that anyone would be able to tell if you are wearing our clip in hair extensions. You will note in our application instructions that the clip in hair extensions are placed under your existing hair and are designed to blend in nicely spanning all areas of your head. Our clip in hair extensions also offer a thicker weft so essentially you will have a better coverage throughout the span of your head. So long as you have matched up the colour appropriately and followed directions pertaining to application you should find a discreet and undetectable coverage.

We also urge you to use care when using, washing, styling and storing your clip in hair extension sets and single clip in hair pieces. Correct maintenance is definitely a key point to keeping your hair extensions in their best shape. This is all outlined on our website, and you will also find this information within our packaging. It is a no brainer that if you essentially “trash” your hair extensions – no matter what quality they are, they will lose their life span quicker than if you followed direction for proper care and maintenance.

Other factors to consider is usage frequency, whether you are using the correct looped brush with styling and maintenance, the Goddess hair hanger is a great way to store your hair hairhanger.jpgextensions away from the elements and prevents them from tangling in a drawer or bag. There are also hair care products advised to protect your investment that will be less harsh to the hair. Out of the box and onto your head, they will look gorgeous. Our handy styling tips will equip you with the knowledge on how to divide and tease your hair for discreet hair extension application and coverage as well as how to apply the clips to your scalp firmly for confidence when you are out on the town. Basically if you take note to follow our care and maintenance instructions you will find they will upkeep and grant that undetectable coverage you are seeking. Hair extensions by Goddess are an investment into a fabulous new you so why not spend just a little extra to assure you have everything you need.

What is your policy if I order the wrong colour hair? Is it possible to exchange my hair extensions after receiving them ?

We are well aware that some people may have uncertainties when it comes to colour matching their hair to the colours shown on the website. Due to settings that differ on every computer some colours may not appear the same as they are uploaded onto the site from our end. In most cases though, our colours are pretty accurate. Our policy allows for you to exchange your hair extension product within 7 days, so long as you return it to us unopened and untied. It is imperative that the hair is still its original packaging with all the twisties intact. We would simply ask that you include in the envelope you return the hair to us, a self addressed express post bag along with a note to confirm the colour number you were wanting to exchange it for. It is very important that you please keep your tracking number for the return in a safe place to reference on the off chance it gets lost on its transit back to us. If this does occur we can not be responsible for the replacement of the hair.

Due to the fact that we are selling 100% human hair we must be extremely vigilant in the case of returns, as you should appreciate. As though we know you would love to open up the package and give the hair extension product a whirl and it could be very tempting– it is unsanitary to expect us to turn around and resell this hair after someone else has worn it, thus we ask you use the same respect you would expect for yourself and fight the urge to open the package if you see that it is clearly not the correct colour for you. The hair has been packaged in a fashion that is extremely difficult to put back into its twist ties, so essentially we know when it has been repackaged. Don’t fret, there is hope. Contact our helpful customer service line and they can instruct you on how to safely tone or deposit colour to your hair extensions if you have made this mistake already.

A much better idea is to avoid the hassle of this drama entirely. We are eager and happy to advise our customers on what we feel in our professional opinion would be the best match for your hair. All we need is for you to do is send a couple recent pictures of yourself (in different lightings preferably) Though we do our best to capture an accurate portrayal of our hair extension colours, as do all hair extension retailers, there may be a slight variation to shade from computer to computer.If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of your choice please contact us and we will assist you happily.

I was thinking it might look cool to buy a full head clip in hair extension set that has streaks in it. Would this look weird if I don't have streaks in my current hair?

Highlights are always popular and many opt to buy highlighted and 2 tone colours due to the fact that it is less expensive and less damaging than a visit to the salon. And with clip in hair extensions – well if you are one of those non committal types, it is great for a play before you decide to actually go through with making your streaks or highlights permanent. What we suggest is if you are going to opt for highlights it is best to find a mixed colour which is very close to what you already have so it blends nicely. Pick a hair colour either from the dark or the light scale. We can always help you with the decision. Send us a pic of your current hair in a variance of lighting and we can make a suggestion. Also choose a length that is not too much longer than your existing hair when selecting streaked sets, especially if it is a colour much different to your own. All hair extensions can be cut to shape by an experienced hair stylist at any rate so you have a bit of flexibility there. Many people do this anyway especially if they have highly layered hair.

Are the Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions Heat Safe? Can you use your blow dryer, hot iron or curling tongs to style the hair? Will it damage it at all?

Yes you may use your favourite styling aids such as the blow dryer, hot iron and curling tongs. The rewarding thing about wearing clip in human hair is its just that - its real remy grade human hair. You are able to treat the hair as you do your own. Just as your own hair is susceptible to damage through overprocessing with hot hot irons and the searing from curling tongs held on the hair for too long – thus so will your hair extensions. Any website stating that it is completely safe to hot iron your hair extensions on the highest heat are truly doing their product an injustice and are making false statements as to the capability of the hair to withstand abuse. It is always advised that one use the hot iron cautiously on a lower setting to protect your clip in hair extensions from losing sheen unnecessarily and so that they will keep their lustre intact for repeat use. If you have purchased straight hair extensions, they are already straight and won’t require the excess heat necessary for straightening a curly head of hair. Try not to overdo it with the use of product as it is usually unnecessary and don’t ever have the hot iron take place of your looped brush no matter how rushed you may be to head out the door. The hair will break quickly that way. The looped brush is a god send and strongly advised for combing/brushing any tangles that may appear through extended use. The looped brush also protects the hair follicle from breakage and should be used first before any attempt is made in styling the hair.

How long would you say the Goddess Hair Extensions last for?

Typically again this has to do with proper care and maintenance. You will research online and see claims of 6 months up to 12 months life span. We have found that with proper care and maintenance, our clip on extension sets should last up to 12 months. As our products come standard with a double layer of hair per extension weft, they have been designed to last a lot longer than single weft extension sets which tend to molt quicker.

Will the Full Head Extensions Set be enough hair to cover my whole head? Will I have to buy 2 full sets?

The Full Head Clip On Hair Extension Set has been created to optimise and cover an entire head. In most cases, this is more than enough hair. As a matter of fact, many customers contact us to tell us that they don’t use all of the pieces in one outing. For those suffering from thinning hair, it is best to get in touch with one of our Goddess Representatives for advise. We have additional products that may be suitable to wear alongside the 6 piece set. This really has to do with identifying the main area of concern. The TCP is a very useful, as it provides full coverage across the crown area in just one hair extension piece. This hair piece is worn across the crown area of the head, and has 3 rows of hair which will span from ear to ear around the back attached to your head by 3 pressure sensitive silicone lined clips. Another helpful clip in hair piece is the top hair piece which is specifically created to address thinning on the top of the head and throughout sides and back. Any number of our products can be worn in unison to achieve the thickness you desire. Just take care when applying the clips to your head, assuring there is enough hair to hold your extension piece in place. Any questions – don’t hesitate to call! Goddess Clip In Hair Extensions are always happy to tend to any customer queries. 0421841428