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Ombré / Balayage Hair Extensions by Goddess


Its all the rage overseas and we were the first to offer human hair extensions to the Australian market in Ombré and Balayage colour gradiants.  Models on the runway, celebrities out to lunch, the hip, hot and avante garde hair divas are loving this opportunity to splash out with a little blonde and a little brunette all at once. The way we identify the ombré and balayage colours in the hair extension world is as such:

Example from our 22 inch hair ombre hair extension colour range:  18/T60
18 represents the blonde hair colour that starts up at the top alongside the clips (your root colour). T is short for TIPS, thus this hair extension set identifies the tips are colour 60 a platinum blonde.

In all of the colours available in the Ombré and Balayage range you will see the T with a number next to it identifying the colour of the tips.  If there is any question as to the correct set for you, please give us a call or email us directly and include a picture of your hair. Many of our customers end up picking a colour from our range and then going to their hairdresser to match up accordingly instead of the reverse where they try to find a match to their already treated hair. This should give you a clear indication as to how unique this hair extension product is!  Please don't hesitate to inform us of other product variances you would like to see us offer and/or create. We aim to please, and hope you enjoy our new colour range as much as we do. 



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