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Designer Headbands

High Fashion Designer Headbands by Pink Pewter Collection


Exquisitely designed headbands, favoured and worn by Celebrities, Stylists and Hair and Beauty Enthusiasts. These are a rare find and perfect for anyone looking to accessorise in a glamourous and dynamic new way.

Luxurious in composition, the Pink Pewter headband range could very well be considered a "Fascinator" due to its elaborate decorative elements framing the face and head. Each headband and head wrap has been exquisitely designed and manufactured with quality in mind. Already gaining mass appeal in the States, these gemmed beauties feature high quality Swarovski rhinestones, crystals and exquisite beading. The craftsmanship is impeccable.

We realise the prices for these headbands are higher than what you may have paid previously for a hair accessory. The Pink Pewter range is not your average headband and cannot be compared with cheap knock offs. They are in a class of their own, which is why
Celebrities were among the first to be seen wearing them. Hot off the Runways back in 2012, these high fashion accessories have reached mass appeal in the States and throughout Europe. Not just reserved for brides, bridal parties and formal affairs. Accessorise in style. 

A perfect accompanyment to our 100% human hair extensions range as well as for glamourising your look at weddings, formals, VIP Events and more.

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